📊 Charts

To add no-code Charts to your WeWeb project, you can add the "Charts.js" plugin in the "Plugins" > "JS libraries" menu.

Don't be put off by the JS description if you don't code! The plugin comes with no-code settings 😉

Choose a Chart Template

Once you've added the Charts plugin, you can drag and drop a Chart template on the Canvas from the "Add" menu:

Setup and Style a Chart Element

Chart elements have two settings: "Guided" and "Advanced".

To use the "Advanced" mode, we recommend you read the Chart.js documentation to understand what data the library expects.

Otherwise, you can try out our brand new "Guided" mode. You will be invited to bind an array and choose what field you want as your X axis (horizontal):

🔥 Pro Tip 🔥

Binding the Y axis (vertical) is optional. By default, it will count the number of categories on the X axis.

Last modified on

April 14, 2022