🪃 GET Data from Xano

This tutorial assumes that you already have a Xano database with API endpoints. If you don’t, you’ll need to get started with Xano before you can import data from Xano to WeWeb.

In this article, we will:

  • explain how to get data from Xano using the Xano plugin (as opposed to the REST API plugin which we could also use since Xano provides us with a list of endpoints)
  • show users who built their WeWeb app on top of Airtable how they can migrate to Xano if they wish to
  • explain how the Xano data source plugin works hand in hand with the Xano Auth plugin for authentication

Get Data From Xano

The Xano data source plugin allows you to access all the API endpoints of all your Xano instances.

To add the plugin in WeWeb, go to Plugins > Data sources :

To generate or find your API key in Xano, go to Account > Developer Access :

Once you have added your Xano API key to the plugin, you will be invited to select which Xano instance you want to work with:

In the example above, we have two instances in our Xano workspace.

Once you've selected a Xano instance, you will be able to add a Collection:

When you create the Collection, you will be invited to choose the API group and endpoint you want to use in WeWeb:

In the example above, we want to GET all the cars that are listed in the fleet table of our Electreazy API group.

🚨 Using Xano Auth? 🚨

If you have added the Xano data source plugin and are using the Xano Auth plugin for Authentication, you do NOT need to bind the user's auth token when adding a Xano Collection or using a Xano Action in your Workflows.

The Xano datasource plugin will automatically recognize the current user's authentication token and send it to Xano when making an API call.

You only need to manually bind the current user's authentication token if you are making API calls via the REST API plugin and not the Xano data source plugin.

🔥 Pro Tip for Airtable Users🔥

It's fairly common for Airtable enthusiasts to switch to backends like Xano or Supabase when scaling web-apps.

WeWeb's new Xano plugin facilitates the switch from Airtable to Xano.

Step 1 – You can use Xano's import function to import Airtable tables. The import will keep the same field names and references between tables:

Step 2 – In WeWeb, you can then change the data source of your Collection from Airtable to Xano.

Your Collection Lists and Collection List Items will remain unchanged on the page because WeWeb will automatically recognize the data structure:

Last modified on

August 19, 2022