🪄 Intro to Formulas

There are two types of Formulas in WeWeb:

  1. the formulas you create, and
  2. no-code formulas we provide out of the box.

Formulas You Create

If you go to "Data" > "Formulas", you will see you can create and organize formulas in the same way you might write functions if you were coding an app.

In the example below, we created a formula to convert numbers using a Javascript custom code:

We can then reuse it throughout our project, keeping in mind that it needs a number parameter:

Out-of-the-Box No-code Formulas

There are many no-code formulas available out-of-the-box, including but not limited to formulas to:

  • format a text (uppercase, capitalize)
  • convert a variable (toText, toNumber),
  • return true or false if a variable is empty (ifEmpty),
  • find items in a list that match a value (filterByKey),
  • make calculations (sum, average, round, rollupSum),
  • create an array or object (createArray, createObject), and
  • find items in list B based on a value in list A (lookupArray).

Whenever you bind an item, you can find WeWeb's no-code formulas in the Formula tab:

These formulas are ordered by category:

  • conditional,
  • math,
  • array,
  • text,
  • object,
  • date,
  • file, and
  • utilities.

Note that you can also find:

  • all the formulas you created in the "Custom" category, and
  • common operators in the "Operators" category.

🔥 Pro Tip 🔥

You can learn more about every no-code formula in the WeWeb editor when you hover over the formula name in the formula tab or the formula input field.

Last modified on

April 6, 2022