📍 Static Collection Item

What do we mean by “static” versus “dynamic” page?

A dynamic page is a page that is created on-the-fly, when the user clicks on a button to learn more about an item for example.

By opposition, a static page is a page that is pre-rendered, it exists before the user needs to access it.

When should you create a static page?

If you need your content to rank with search engines, you will need fixed URLs with pre-rendered data.

If you need fixed URLs, you will need to GET your data in a “Static” collection and use a Static Collection Page to display data from collection items.

How to Create a Static Collection Page?

In the “Pages” menu > “Add new collection page”

You will be invited to name the page, bind the page to a Static Collection, and set a default URL path.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to create the page.

⚠️ On a collection page, you can only use static collections because collection pages are optimized for SEO. In order to “pre-render” these pages for Google we need static data. ⚠️

Last modified on

March 31, 2022