Display collection data

Before you can display collection data on a page, make sure you have:

  • Added a data source from the data menu, and
  • Set up a data collection that fetches data from a data source.

Learn how to add data sources:

Once those pre-requisites are met, you will be able to display data from a collection on a page.

Step 1 - Bind a Collection List to a Container

In WeWeb, you can bind a collection to any container: a flexbox, a collection list, a table, a columns element, any container.

You do this by selecting the container in the navigator, and binding that container to a list of items:

Keep in mind that, bar one specific exception we will discuss later, you should always bind to a list of items, also called an Array. Learn more about the Array data type.

In WeWeb, this is represented by collection_name[‘data’] in the no-code formula input as shown above.

Step 2 - Bind the Data from a Collection Item to an Element

When you bind a list of items to a container, the first child of that element will be a collection item, also called a repeated item.

What does that mean? 🤔

It means that, if you want to bind several pieces of information from one collection item – like a job title, company name, salary, etc. – the first child of your collection list needs to be a container that includes several elements.

In the example above, you can see that, right below the “Jobs” columns element where we bound our list of jobs, there is a container named “Job Wrapper”.

Inside that “Job Wrapper” element, there are other elements that we can bind to specific data fields in our list of jobs:

  • Company logo
  • Company name
  • Job title
  • Job location
  • Contract type
  • Salary
  • List of perks

All of the elements with a purple plug in the navigator are bound to a specific field of the collection item:


You can rename any type of container "Collection List" in the element’s settings. If you rename a container "Collection List", a purple icon will be displayed in the Layout panel and on the canvas to help you see where you can bind the data from the collection.

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