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Intro to the marketplace

The WeWeb marketplace allows you to:

  • work with marketplace UI kits & templates
  • submit your templates or UI kits to share with others

Import a project

To start working with a template or UI kit from the marketplace, simply:

  • go to your WeWeb workspace,
  • click on Create project,
  • select the Marketplace tab,
  • search or browse through available projects, and
  • click on Create project when you want to add it to your workspace.

Use template from marketplace

Once you have added the project to your workspace, you can start working with it as you would with any other project from your workspace.


A library imported from the WeWeb marketplace works like any other library. If you wish to use it in other projects, you will first need to share it with the rest of the workspace.

Learn more about working with shared libraries in WeWeb.

Submit a project

To submit a template or UI kit to the WeWeb marletplace:

  1. visit,
  2. select the workspace with the teamplate or UI kit you'd like to submit,
  3. create a marketplace profile for this workspace (if you haven't already), and
  4. fill out the submission form with the required information.

Select a project to share on the marketplace

Submit a project to share on the marketplace