In the Backups tab of a project, you can see all the different versions of the Editor that you can potentially rollback to.

Backups tab

From your workspace dashboard, you can access a project's backups by going to the project's Settings > Backups:

Backups tab in action

In the example above, you can see:

  • we have several commits of the project over two different days
  • there are many commits are automatic, and
  • there is one manual commit with a custom message
  • some commits reference a version in their name (v1) and (v2)

We can:

  • hide automatic commits,
  • search for a specific commit,
  • preview a specific version of the Editor, and
  • rollback to a specific version of the Editor.

Automatic commits

WeWeb generates automatic commits of your project Editor:

  • once a day if you're on a Starter plan,
  • once an hour if you're on a Scale or Enterprise plan, and
  • every time you publish your app in staging or in production.


The commits that are linked to a publication will display the publication version in their name.

In the example below, in the Deployments tab, you can see we published a v3 of our app in staging. As a result, an automatic commit of the Editor is available in the Backups tab (with the (v3) reference in its name):

Editor backups linked to publication

Manual commits

When you're inside a project, you can create a manual commit of the Editor with a custom message to describe the update by going to the Commit button inside the Editor:

Manual commit of the editor

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